Week One: Done

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Well, week one flew by. It is only three days, but I am always surprised how fast it goes.

My AIS students seem willing and eager to work with me. We did the normal opening day stuff, but we also wrote and signed class expectations and each class brainstormed and selected a survey question. We are going to construct a survey with a question from each class. My colleagues in the English department have graciously agreed to administer this survey so that we can make sure to survey every student. I even spoke to our journalism teacher and he agreed to publish our results in the school paper! I think the students will have a lot of fun with this. I will keep you posted.

On Friday I met with one of our district’s literacy coached for 20 minutes or so. I know that the students in my Math AIS classes struggle with their literacy skills and this is one of the reasons that they fail to find success in mathematics. I expressed the desire to work on some proven literacy strategies so that I can help my students with their vocabulary retention as well as reading comprehension. He had some great ideas and he let me borrow “Teaching Reading in Mathematics” by Mary Lee Barton and Claire Heidema . I am excited to iron out some of these strategies and implement them into class soon.

It is a little scary in that I have so much less direction this year because I am teaching 4 sections of Math AIS this year. I am starting to get that excited feeling though as I start to realize how I have the freedom to do a lot of the good sound instructional practices that I have gotten away from due to the rigor and vastness of the NYS curriculum.