What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

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I have posted previously that I am teaching 1 section of Calculus and 8 heterogeneous sections (4 each day) of Math AIS.  I am personally hitting the wall in Math AIS.  Here are my thoughts:

  • I like the students.
  • I like that I can pick and choose what I do (or don’t do) in the class.
  • I like that I don’t have to “grade” the students.
  • I dislike that there isn’t a grade or any extrinsic motivation for them to do ANYTHING in Math AIS.
  • I dislike that because I am creative and unwilling to bow down to drill and kill that Math AIS is eating up all of my plan time for Calculus.
  • I dislike that the classes are VERY heterogeneous and that I don’t feel I am doing any population well. (On paper, I have mostly Algebra 1 and Fundamentals of Algebra.  In reality I have students from 2 different Algebra 1 teachers and 3 different Fundamentals of Algebra teachers.  So they are all at different places in the curriculum.  Then I also have 5 Geometry and 2 Algebra 2 students thrown in the mix.  Sink or swim, suckahs!!)
  • I dislike that I have nothing to “follow”…no curriculum, no end goals….just go in and teach your angle-sinde-angle off…
  • I dislike that I don’t have anyone to collaborate with in my building…to bounce ideas off of…to build this course.
  • I like the idea of flipping the classroom a bit….
  • I dislike knowing that I don’t even have any real idea of how to start to do that or what it would like…
  • I like to see students “doing” math.
  • I like to seeing students doing relevant math and making connections.
  • I like to see students “get it”.

So….there are my thoughts as they stand right now.  I had a long talk with my content specialist over lunch today and discussed these thoughts.  He listened, but he doesn’t really have an answer. (Not that I really expected one.)  Is there anyone else out there who is teaching Math AIS? Particularly with mixed classes?  If you do, or know someone who does, could you pass this post on to them?  Thanks!


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