Month: August 2013

Feelings Check

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I started this post two weeks ago and just had time to finish it:

In less that two weeks I will be starting an entirely new and unique teaching course Ioad. I have been reluctant to share this because I have been coming to grips with how I really feel about it.

I have taught Algebra 2 for my entire 11 year teaching career. I feel like it is my baby. I really enjoy the curriculum. My students have not always done as well as I have wanted them to, but I tried to remedy this by imploring new strategies frequently. Therefore, when I got my teaching assignment I was surprised. I would be teaching Calculus (which I have taught for the past 6 years) and four sections of Math AIS.

In the past, no one has had more than one or two AIS classes, so to have 4 was a shock! Also, these classes are not homogeneous so I could have students from Fundamentals of Algebra all the way through Algebra 2 in the same AIS class. I met with my department chair and the principal and they outlined how they want AIS to take a new direction. They do not want it to be just homework help or test prep. They foresee me doing mini-lessons with small groups while others are working on applications on their own. We have bought in to Study Island so I do have that tool. They want me to set up a “math lab” where students want to come to help better understand the concepts that are being presented in class. In some ways this is an exciting new opportunity that could really allow me to group. In many other ways, however, it is a scary new endeavour….especially being the first year of the new APPR process.

Does anyone have experience setting up a lab like this? Experience teaching hetergeneous AIS classes? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!