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I originally wrote this Tuesday, but failed to actually get it posted:

The principal brought us in and gave us our teaching assignments today. As I outlined yesterday, I have 4 preps. Two of the ladies I work with also have four preps. One of these ladies is out on maternity leave right, but the other one was there giving local finals with me today. I could tell by body language and other comments that she was not happy. I called a meeting this afternoon for everyone except my department chair to have an open conversations about our worries and concerns.

The meeting was really productive. My department chair has openly told us that he is willing to listen to us and consider changes. Rather than just go to him and complain we decided to enter as a united front and we drafted up schedules that would eliminate the need for 4 preps for anyone. We also incorporated the changes that he had wanted to make. We contacted him and have a meeting scheduled for either tomorrow afternoon or Thursday morning.

Regardless of how this all turns out the most important thing that may come out of this is that we came together as a department and truly collaborated. We are a small department (of seven), but we don’t work together all that well. There are a couple pods of three that work really well with one that kind of floats between the two groups. This scheduling issue though has caused us to pull together and work for the greater good of the school. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what it should really be all about?


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